Raising Money For Great Causes

Every year, we are asked to sponsor Loughborough Round Table who organise a fantastic event over a 2 week period all over Great Britain and Ireland in order to support local causes up and down. This year our local area charity is Mia Moo’s Foundation.

Mia Moo was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when she was 1 and a half years old, where after 2 years of treatment, she was given the all clear. Sadly, 7 months later, Mia was diagnosed with cancer again in her spinal fluid. Treatment is ongoing and Mia will be on medication for the rest of her life.

After Mia’s first diagnosis, she was fortunate to go on holiday with her parents which brought pure joy to the little girl’s life. Mia’s parents want other families in similar situations to be able to enjoy this rare family alone time as well, so they have set up the Mia Moo’s Foundation in order to raise £40,000 to buy a holiday home that can be used by many.

This year, Round Table have organised their santa float to travel around the local areas with members volunteering their own time to bring festive cheer and raise money for a fantastic cause at the same time. So check out Loughborough Round Tables website to see Santa’s route this year and give what you can.