Well, what a year it has been entering into the world of digital print. Let’s say the slowly slowly only lasted a few days as we hit the ground running! We are over the moon with how well it has taken off and fingers crossed, long shall it continue.

From large window displays, taking advantage of the full 3 metre x 2 metre bed, to delicate counter units where detail is key, our printer has been none stop. So, to give him (that’s right, I am referring to it as ‘him’ as we have spent so much time together), we thought he needed a helping hand. Therefore, we have welcomed in a brand new additional flat bed in order to double our capacity.

Another ultra high speed flat-bed UV LED printer that prints at upto 25sq m/h accompanied by our large format flat bed means we can offer extremely competitive pricing and even quicker turnarounds. We are more than happy to accept in print only jobs or alongside acrylic projects so everything can be kept under one roof to allevaite additional costs and hassle for you.

Not forgetting our existing in house screen print shop and roll fed printers for any paper/sticker requirements, we can offer the full printing package to achieve any finish that is required.

For any print or acrylic enquiries, please drop us an email or give us a call.

NEW ARRIVALS – Heat Benders

The investment continues here with the arrival of 2 new heat benders to sit alongside our existing machines allowing us to bend material up to 8mm thick. This gives us an extra 7 metres worth of heat bending capacity meaning we can now run more jobs simultaneously allowing a faster turnaround, which as we all know in this industry, is a massive plus!

We here at Thermograve want to ensure that we have the latest equipment so we can offer our customers the best of the best. All investments are actioned in order to continue to offer top quality units/displays, increasing productivity to ensure our prices remain competitive. We pride ourselves on quality, not just in the work we produce but also on the service that our customers receive start to finish, every time.

For more information on the processes we offer, please click on our ‘Our Services’ page. 15 mm. reflektoren van HRT 125