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Well it’s that time of year again, Christmas jumper day! We all took part here today to raise money for Save the Children. Lots of fun and festive cheer whilst raising money for another great cause! If you’d like to make a donation, please text TEAMTHEGRAVE to 70050 to donate £5.00. We’d like to thank […]

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Every year, we are asked to sponsor Loughborough Round Table who organise a fantastic event over a 2 week period all over Great Britain and Ireland in order to support local causes up and down. This year our local area charity is Mia Moo’s Foundation. Mia Moo was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when she […]

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The cranes have been in unloading the 5-Axis CNC (which was quite tricky in the high winds) in to place and we are getting all set up ready to go. For more information on the new CNC and to understand the extra options available compared to our 3-Axis CNC’s, please refer to earlier News dated […]

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If you are experienced in the below skills, enthusiastic and want to work within a great team, one of the following positions could be for you: CNC SETTER/OPERATOR CNC PROGRAMMER EXPERIENCE OF SCM ROUTERS AND ALPHACAM ESSENTIAL. ACRYLIC FABRICATORS EXPERIENCE ESSENTIAL. We manufacture for high profile brands to whom quality products are essential. You will […]

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The investment continues here with the arrival of 2 new heat benders to sit alongside our existing machines allowing us to bend material up to 8mm thick. This gives us an extra 7 metres worth of heat bending capacity meaning we can now run more jobs simultaneously allowing a faster turnaround, which as we all […]